Kugeln aus 304 Edelstahl (1 Stk) GD 200|4.0 mm

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Kugeln aus 304 Edelstahl (1 Stk) GD 200|4.0 mm

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Material: Stainless Steel 304 (Austenitic). AISI 304 balls have lower hardness than 400(martensitic) series stainless, but they have more material toughness and better corrosion resistance to food, most organic chemicals and oxidizing solutions. Not resistant to sulphuric acids. 

Hardness: HRC 39max.; H.B. 160 max 
Diameter: 3.0mm +0 
Grade: G200 
Gauge Allowance: ±72.5µm (micrometers) 
Ball diameter variation(VDws): 5µm (micrometers) 
Deviation from spherical form (roundness)(tDw): 5µm (micrometers) 
Surface Roughness (Ra5): 0.15µm (micrometer) 
Lot Diameter Variation (VDwL): 10µm (micrometers) 

304 has the best corrosion resistance in the following environments: 
Salt air, wet stream, domestic water, sea water, food products, hot sulphite, ammonia and alkaline salts. 
It also has good resistance against: 
Industrial atmosphere, fruit and vegetable juices, dairy products, dyes, HLC, H2SO4, HNO3, Phosphoric acid.

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